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Here We Go Again!!!

This crazy roller coaster ride we all know and love as DIV comes to it's 9th turn and loop in 2015! 2014 was the business. I am always amazed by the level of enthusiasm and passion I see at shows with our crowd and DIV is no exception. For 8 years and soon to be 9 you have came out and supported, had fun, and showed us what true enthusiasts with a love of a brand can do for a scene. We here at DIV headquarters are always flattered by you guys. As a matter of fact we are left speechless sometimes. Last year was pretty awesome wasn't it? The 3rd floor offered us picturesque skyline views, lot's more room to stretch our legs, and a great opportunity to throw down as the Midwest to show the rest of the country what we are made of here. The Midwest scene is something that is growing exponentially both in size, and the caliber of cars that are being built. Almost a decade ago when Ben, Matt, Bao and myself were sitting in a brewery in Madison getting obliterated on Craft brews laughing about having a car show, we had no idea what this would become. We all knew we were on to something, you could say our guts told us it was the right thing to do (at least until the next morning) So thank you again. You are all the reason DIV is what it is. We just turn on the lights so to speak. And with that, the switch is on, the machine has fired, and it is time to get the wheels spinning…

The format will be very similar to last year. We will be on the 3rd floor again as that worked out far better than my wildest imagination could muster in my mid-winter visits to get a layout in mind. The registration line moved at a good pace, nobody got stuck on the ramp eating clutches and nobody blew coolant all over the ramp. I would call that a success in itself! With some very small tweaks, traffic is good.

See you there! We can't wait! Oh yeah, and we have bathrooms for the upstairs this year! :)