DIV #10 — The Grand Finale
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DIV 10

We're old, and tired, and just get off our fucking lawn. Damn kids!

So this is it, the grand finale, the last big hoorah. It's been a decade and we can't begin to express how thankful we are to all of you that have let us put this little show on for you. DIV has become a staple in the midwest euro scene and that's because of all of you. And for that, we thank you. This year we're going back to our roots, camping, drag racing, drinking, debauchery, cars, music, friends, did we mention drinking and debauchery?

The venue, for this last big ass party, is fucking awesome. Trust us, you're going to be talking about this one for a LONG time. If you miss this you'll never forgive yourself. It's going to be bigger than Woodstock. We have Jimi Hendrix coming back from the dead just to play. There's going to be dudes dressed as clowns riding unicycles and juggling. There's gonna be lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my), and supermodels, and Chippendale dancers.

Ben will be there, bare chested, and dancing to Reel to Real's "I like to move it." Joel, will probably be passed out between a couple of cars, camera in hand, trying to get the perfect shot. Justin will be pretending that he's cooler than everybody else and that he really doesn't have time for all of this non-sense. Mike will be pretending to spin, when really it's all just tracks he downloaded from the internet and loaded up on his computer. Kieran will be off somewhere hating all of you.

Come on now… Camping; Clean, modern bathroom facilities and showers; Dance Hall; Big ass stage; Even bigger bar; PBR; Concessions building on-site; 300" clay tractor pull track… You really should plan on staying.

We know, we know, vague info is vague. But trust us, we know what we're doing, we're professionals.


This is pretty much everything you should need to know.

  • Show date/time: August 5th at noon o'clock.
  • However: Show up Friday morning and let the debauchery begin.
  • Location: Pickett Steam Club & Pickett Pullers. (W9975 Olden Rd, Pickett, Wisconsin 54964)
  • Cost: $20/person, $30 to camp.  Collected at the gate, no need to pay in advance.
  • Rules: There are only few, but will be strictly enforced.

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A special thank you to these awesome companies that have stuck by us throughout the years.

Ben's VeeDub Shop
Long Ball Rally
Richard Greeko Suave
Team EuroTrash
Lower Standards
EPG Tuned
One Of A Kind Eurosports
Zealous Manufacturing